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Apply These Secret Techniques; To Improve Mobile Network Signal Booster In Bangladesh.

We are welcoming you all those are suffering huge problems as not getting well mobile network signals in their house office etc. This is a great news for you all to get solution against this as we are now providing "Mobile Network Signal Booster in Bangladesh" setup to fix that.

This device improves mobile SIM signals quality and increase 4G DATA internet speed. This device consists of two antennas. We place one antenna outside which is called outdoor antenna and there is also an indoor antenna which we place inside the home/office. No monthly fees, No need to be connected to WIFI, Boost your Voice & Data at same time, No dropped calls and missed texts. Get better signals or money back guaranty.


----Benefits To Use-----

1. No dropped calls and missed texts
2. Less dependence on WIFI for internet
3. Improved voice quality on any carrier
4. Reduced occurrences of "Dead Zones"
5. Enhanced streaming and data speeds
6. Longer battery life on cellular devices
7. Bigger indoor coverage area at home/office
8. Boosts your Voice Calls and 4G LTE Data
9. Works for all phones cellular devices in Bangladesh.
10. Complete kit: all parts included, Easy install.

You don’t have to worry anymore about the mobile network signal loss issue further, as after installing our 'Mobile Network Signal Booster in Bangladesh' package.

----Booster Specification------
1).2G Frequency UL: 890~915mhz; DL: 935~960mhz
2).3G Frequency UL:1920~1980mhz; DL: 2100~2170mhz
3).4G Frequency UL:1710~1785mhz; DL: 1805~1880mhz
4).Gain: 85dB
5).Output Power: 20dBm
6).Power Adapter: EU/US/AU/UK Plug
7).Power supply: AC:110~220V; DC:12V 2A
8).Connector Type: N Female
9).Coverage: Up to 2500 sqm without barrier
10).Improve Network : 2G Voice and 2G 3G 4G Internet Data

-----Outdoor Antenna-----
Frequency Range:800~2700MHz
Connector Type: N Female
Cable 20 Meters
Antenna Type: Outdoor LPDA Antenna
Waterproof: Yes

----Indoor Antenna-----
Frequency Range:700~2700MHz
Connector Type: N-male
Cable Length: 10Meters
Antenna Type: Indoor Panel Antenna

-----Coaxial Cable------
Connector Type: N-male to N-male
Impedance: 50ohm
Cable Color: White
Cable Length: 30 Meters
Cable Type: RG6 Coaxial Cable

----Package Included----
1 * Tri Band Repeater
1 * Outdoor LPDA Antenna
1 * Indoor Ceiling Antenna
1 * 25 Meter Coaxial Cable (Outdoor)
1 * 10 Meter Coaxial Cable (Indoor)
1 * Mounting Hardware
1 * Power Supply
1 * User Manual

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