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Introducing AluSteel, a game-changing alternative to traditional Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP). Unlike ACP's conventional 3-layer structure, AluSteel boasts a unique 2-layer design that offers unparalleled lightweight durability. With a remarkable 50-year color guarantee, a feat unmatched by any ACP material, AluSteel is setting new standards in the industry. We proudly claim the title of being the first fully fireproof brand. Dive deeper into the innovative world of AluSteel below. "Innovative DSP Technology - Your Safety is Our Priority" At AluSteel, we've harnessed Intelligent Technology to ensure your safety. Our panels have been meticulously engineered by builders and contractors with a primary focus on enhancing fire safety. Featuring a steel backing with an impressive melting point of 1,500 degrees Celsius, AluSteel drastically reduces smoldering and configuration risks when compared to foam-core alternatives. Brand Name: Composite Laminate Panel (AluSteel) Ingredients: This revolutionary product combines a 0.4/T Aluminium upper material with a 0.8/T Posmac sheet (Posco Steel) as the back plate, totaling 1.2/T in thickness. Surface Treatment: AluSteel panels are coated with Aluminium PVDF Coating (Fluoride Coating). Available Types: AluSteel is available in both coil and sheet forms, with a standard thickness of 1.2 mm. Panel sizes are initially 8 feet by 4 feet, but customization options are readily available to meet your specific project requirements. Applications: AluSteel finds its place in a wide range of projects, serving as an exceptional choice for both exterior and interior wall decoration in commercial and residential settings. Its versatility shines in applications such as steel structure buildings, hotels, living rooms, and more. Standard Colors: AluSteel offers an array of standard colors, including White, Gray, Golden, Red, Silver, and more. Custom dimensions are available upon request. Certifications: ISO Number: 9001:2015 Certificate of Patent: 10-1918006 Inno-Biz: R6111-1196 Main Biz: 191101-00745 GreenGuard Certificate: 90301 For more information and to explore our verified certificates, please visit our website: AluSteel is not just a product; it's a revolution in panel technology, delivering unmatched safety, durability, and aesthetics to your projects. Experience the future of composite panels with AluSteel. Contact Us: Elevate your safety standards and design aesthetics with AluSteel, where safety seamlessly meets elegance. For further details and inquiries, please reach out to us: Phone: +88 01880-208427, +88 01726-996766 WhatsApp: +88 01726-996766 Email: [email protected] Website: Discover the perfect blend of safety and elegance with AluSteel. #ALUSTEEL #LaminatedFireproofSheets #SafetyAndElegance #Bangladesh

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